"Just keep swimming"

"Just keep swimming"

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Project Based Learning 

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I created this project under the Arkansas Education Framework : Era8.3.WH.6 - Compare and contrast the impact of political and military leadership of Axis and Allied powers during World War II.

In the assignment students will use a T chart to compare and contrast the allied and Axis powers of World War II. This T chart should be large enough to be able to display all of the information to the class. I want students to be able to use individual research to put together a project that would allow them to use creativity to display what they have learned.

I learned a lot from this assignment I was able to explore the deeper into World War II and learned things that I didn't know before. I discover way more about the political and military movements that defined the outcome of the war. It helped me getting a better understanding of why the Allied powers were the victors of the war. World War II is the most interesting to me and I love being able to know more about it and this project helped me further my education.

Research stage. Gathering information .
The beginnings of the project.
Cutting out gathered information and placing it in the desired spot on the poster board. 
Cutting out the information and gluing it to the poster board in a way that best displays the information. 

Front of finished Project 
Back of finished project 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Web 2.0 blog assignment

scribblemaps.com_mapping_ss.pngScribble Maps is a tool that allows you to use a global map and be able to draw shapes and color in areas on top of the map. This application can be used to map out directions figure out distances. This app uses Google maps as well as a free drawing application to allow users the ability to plot points and freely draw lines on top of an accurate map in order to indicate what the user needs to display. In a geography classroom setting a teacher could use this application to display and highlight different regions that the lesson was covering. In a world history class a teacher could show what regions of the world fought against each other in a war such as World War II.
Geocommons allows for a world map that includes links on the map showing different historical sites in different areas. The map is imbedded with short summaries of the historical sites as well as a link to learn more about the area of the historical site. Geocommons has many different maps that can be used to track population of an area. A teacher could use this application when studying a specific region of the world. Students could be able to access specific regions quickly when trying to find information.

If it were my home is an application that allows you to be able to click on a county and it gives you details about the living conditions there. You can pick any county and be able to tell what it would be like to live there. This application gives an incite in to the culture and history a certain area of the world. In a classroom a teacher could use this application to help students better understand other cultures around the world. If it were my home could be used to show students what other people have to live through everyday.

OurStory is an application that allows you to be able to create a timeline with pictures and explanations of the pictures. This application has the ability to let a person enter data to be able to trace back a family history. OurStory allows the creator to be able to enter any information a person sees fit to include. Students in a classroom setting could use this app to create a family tree. A family tree could allow students to learn a little bit more about their own heritage.
Diffen is an application that allows you to compare different things. This app allows you to put in two different subjects and then compare and contrast them. After you insert your subject this app with generate a list of similarity's and differences. A student could use this to compare different historical figures. For example a student could compare Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and then write a summary of the differences.
Classtools is a series of educational games. These games include things such as Trivia and puzzles. Many of the games suitable for classroom use. One of the games that could be used in a history class is one called fake-book. This game shows students diffident profiles of historical figures and the students have to guess which one it is based on the facts given to them.

This application Corkboard.me is something that can be used to collaborate notes. This app allows you to post pictures, notes and discussions that you can share with others. This app is something that can be accessed from any computer. A teacher could use this a place for students to put together projects to turn in digitally. In a history class this could be used to put together a Research project over an historical event.

Web note is an online resource for taking notes. This app allows you to save the notes that you take online so that you do not ever lose them. This allows you to be able to find the notes that you take from any computer. Any teacher could allow their students to use this. It could also be used by a teacher to make sure that their students are taking notes.

Writewith is an online writing application. This app allows for studetns to collaborate whien writhing an essay or a research project. with this anyone can access it and input their own thoughts. A student could use this to do a group project with his/her peers. A teacher could also use this to comment feedback chile students complete their projects.

Dropbox is an internet souce that allows you to send in documents to a central source. Dropbox allows papers and projects to be turned in electronically. Dropbox is a safe way to save paper and an easy way to turn in and grade papers online. Teachers  could require that students turn in all of their assignments online. This would make it easy for the teacher to grade and not require as much paper.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Benefits of Social Media

The Pros and Cons of the Daily use of Social media

               " All you kids ever to is look at a screen!" how many times have you heard this from an older relative or maybe a teacher. I know I have but what most people do not know is that social media can be used in a way to help people boost their communication skills. Social media does cut out some of the daily face to face interaction that people have always used . Now when we see each other through the use of Facebook , Instagram and Snap chat most people are still experiencing daily communication just the platform has changed. Though the use of Social media we can communicate faster and exchange ideas quicker. Teachers can use social media to communicate with students to announce an upcoming school event or alert students to a coming due date. If used in the proper way social media can be used effectively to educate. However there is speculation that people have the tendency to use social media as a distraction to learning. Cyber bullying is another serious draw back to the use of social media in schools but also in everyday life. The use of social media does have its own long list of pros and cons but it is up to its user to decide how effective they wish to let it be.

          I personally being a out of state college student love to use social media to check up on family members and friends from home. I find social media to be very helpful with communicating to all of my friends who also went a separate way with their life I like to keep up with everyone. It does become very distracting I do find myself getting lost in social media but being a busy person I never allow myself to much time to look through my social media accounts.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Welcome to my Blog about my life as a Swimmer/Student. My name is Zoe Peak! This is a part of a school project I am doing at Henderson State University as a part of my Education Technology class. I was thrilled to have been given this assignment because it gives me the ability to extend my daily life as a student athlete. Therefore the name (The Daily Swimmer) seemed appropriate. I would like all of my readers to know a little bit about me. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida then moved at least Five times all over the east coast by the time I entered middle school my family finally settled in Texas. I am proud to call Texas my home state because I have lived there longer than any other place and everything is bigger and better in Texas. I am currently a student at Henderson State University and plan on graduating with my Social Sciences Education bachelors degree in about 2017. I have been swimming competitively for about four years now. But in the swimming world year round swimming is the only thing that really counts and I've only been doing that since my the beginning of my junior year of high school. Before joining the crazy world of Club swimming I had competed for my small local summer league team. When I out grew the tiny city pool of Commerce, Texas I was ready to move on to bigger things and that is when I joined R.A.C.E in Rock wall ,Texas which required a 45 minute drive to and from practice everyday. But with out that experience I would have never gotten the opportunity to move on to compete collegiality for Henderson State University in Arkadephia, Arkansas. So with all that said that leads me to where I am now Studying, Swimming, and Surviving the crazy swim world.