"Just keep swimming"

"Just keep swimming"

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Project Based Learning 

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I created this project under the Arkansas Education Framework : Era8.3.WH.6 - Compare and contrast the impact of political and military leadership of Axis and Allied powers during World War II.

In the assignment students will use a T chart to compare and contrast the allied and Axis powers of World War II. This T chart should be large enough to be able to display all of the information to the class. I want students to be able to use individual research to put together a project that would allow them to use creativity to display what they have learned.

I learned a lot from this assignment I was able to explore the deeper into World War II and learned things that I didn't know before. I discover way more about the political and military movements that defined the outcome of the war. It helped me getting a better understanding of why the Allied powers were the victors of the war. World War II is the most interesting to me and I love being able to know more about it and this project helped me further my education.

Research stage. Gathering information .
The beginnings of the project.
Cutting out gathered information and placing it in the desired spot on the poster board. 
Cutting out the information and gluing it to the poster board in a way that best displays the information. 

Front of finished Project 
Back of finished project 

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